Custom Beverage Services has been providing the food service industry with quality professional services and installation since 1999. Located in central Massachusetts, we service MA, RI, Northern CT, and Southern NH.

Custom Draft Beverage Systems Are Our Specialty!

Let us make your beverage system the showpiece of your establishment.

Installing and servicing draft beer, cocktail, wine, coffee, juice and other beverage systems. We also install mixed gas supply systems, custom fabricated towers & drainers.

We offer preventive maintenance service for your beverage system and equipment.

A custom draft beverage tower can not only be the showpiece of an establishment but can also help with system efficiency both from a cooling standpoint and also in server efficiency.

For efficiency, it is important that the beverage equipment operates properly and has a good life expectancy, so we start with the best equipment and expert installation. Next, we educate our clients not only on the proper operation of their draft beverage system but also in proper terminology, this makes service more efficient and allows us to provide second to none phone support.

A great example of terminology confusion is when someone uses the phrase “beer tap” or “beer tap system”; these are old or slang terms. The term “tap” refers to the action of connecting a keg to the system. The correct term for the connector that goes on the keg is a Sankey keg coupler. The valve you open to pour a beer at the draft tower is a beer faucet. When a client learns the proper terms for the equipment, it is more likely we can help resolve a nuisance issue over the phone instead of paying for a service call.

Although we do not provide a beer line cleaning service, we do believe beer line cleaning is the most important maintenance needed to maintain quality product and system efficiency.  Proper line cleaning is essential to both maintain your system and provide the best tasting product you can.  This in turn equates to repeat, happy paying customers.   Recommended beer line cleaners in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

When you take pride in what you do, success follows.

Custom Beverage Services specializes in commercial draft beer systems. Installing and servicing draft beer systems and selling draft beer equipment such as draft beer towers, custom beer towers, beer faucets, glycol cooling systems, beer lines, draft beer – gas blenders, high and low-pressure beer regulators, beer pump systems and beer FOB’s. We currently service Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Northern Connecticut, Southern New Hampshire.

Please feel free to contact us with any of your beverage system questions.


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