Notes: Items in the product system are typically items you are in contact with and should be operated with care.

Product System

The product system consists of any device or tubing in which the beer travels or flows through. This will include the beer line bundle, keg coupler, FOB device and the faucet.

Beer Faucets

Beer faucets are a high wear item, most failures are due to the operator pulling too hard on the handle and breaking the actuator lever in the faucet. Faucets will also just wear out; in this case you would notice beer leaking from the front of the faucet. Although the faucets still opens, this will create foaming issues and waste.

The open end of the faucet is called the spout. The spout is always open to atmosphere and will collect air born bacteria. It is recommended to cover the faucet spout overnight with a rubber faucet cap or other method to keep fruit flies from laying eggs in the faucet.

Keg Couplers

A keg coupler is a device used to connect the beer line to the barrel. Common failures with keg couplers are, broken handles, stuck check ball, leaking pressure reliefs, torn body gasket and cracked bodies.

FOB Devices

A FOB device is a self-contained float mounted either on the wall or the keg coupler. This device is used to shut the beer line off automatically when the barrel has been depleted of fluid. When this device is used properly, the FOB shuts off the beer line and keeps cold beer between the device and the dispense point, no mess to clean and no waste after tapping a new barrel.

FOB’s are a great cost saving device for beer systems that have a line run longer than 50 ft., on line run lengths less than 50 ft., the pay back on the device takes longer but can be a good convenience item for stopping the (kick & spit) mess at the faucet when a barrel is emptied. FOB’s also can provide a great sight glass into the system for diagnosing service issues.

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