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Draft Beer Line Cleaning Information

WE DO NOT CLEAN BEER LINES! However, we do believe in the quality of the product being dispensed and will be glad to answer any questions regarding line cleaning.

After installation the most important thing you can do to for you beer system is to have it cleaned regularly.

Items To Be Cleaned

The product system consists of any device or tubing in which the beer travels or flows through. This will include the beer line bundle, keg coupler, FOB device and the faucet. Each of these items requires a regular measure of cleaning.

Draft Beer Line Cleaning

It is essential to have your beer lines, FOBs, keg couplers and faucets cleaned regularly. Having your beer lines cleaned properly will ensure the beer being dispensed tastes the way the brewer intended and will keep the consumer from getting sick. There are two reasons why beer lines get dirty:

  1. As product moves and sits in a line, solids will separate from the beer attaching to the wall of the tubing, eventually creating a hard marbleized material called beer stone. This process is especially found on systems that may not sell a high volume of product. If these solids are not removed before the beer stone forms you can expect your system to have a multitude of issues including foaming. Once enough beer stone has formed it can not be removed and will require equipment or component replacement.
  2. Every time a keg coupler is taken off a barrel and put on a new one, the coupler allows air born bacteria to enter the system. The more barrels sold between cleaning the more bacteria is in the system. High volume systems that are not cleaned regularly will lead to consumer illnesses such as diarrhea, headaches and stomach issues.

We would like you to set aside your personal preference for beer and look at line cleaning the way we do. Anheuser-Bush is the largest purveyor of beer in the world; they spend more money on research and development than any other company, so we like to use their recommendations. Anheuser-Bush recommends your beer lines are cleaned properly every two weeks.

There are a multitude of different methods for cleaning beer systems, too many to put in this article. However we would like to address the preferred method for the cleaning of a long draw beer system.

A long draw beer system is defined is a beer system in which the line run length exceeds 20ft. This type of system should really be cleaned using an electric pump method and should be cleaned bi-directionally.

If a beer system is shut down for a seasonal application it should be cleaned at the time of shut down and at the time of start up. Also the gas and product systems should be thoroughly leak tested at time of start up.